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Image of SIGNED trio - All 3 books! ($44 value)

SIGNED trio - All 3 books! ($44 value)


Piano Rats, Kiss as Many Women As You Can, Stories for People Who Hate Love. ($44 value) Cover Art by Shawn Stucky. Signed Copies.

About Franki Elliot:

At times mundane, awkward, offensive and
ultimately, heartbreaking. - The Paris Review

“Franki’s stories have soul and wit but are also made
of real flesh and blood.”
- Drew Dernavich, cartoonist for The New Yorker

Sometimes I run across a poem that makes me
second guess my opinion on poetry. It could be a line
in the poem that impresses me. Or a person in the
poem that makes me wonder what he’d be like in
another situation. Or a relationship that makes me
wonder how it worked out. For me…Franki Elliot
had all of the above.” - The Chicago Tribune

The poems, stories or prose poems- pick your termfluctuate
from sandpaper interactions between family members or lovers
to dreamlike sequences in which linear narrative disappears.”
-Time Out Magazine

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